About Us

How We Got The Monkey Off Our Back

So, you want to know about us. We’ll tell you the story, but be warned, some of it might hit close to home.

First, We Built A Software Company

That probably sounds simpler than it was.

ANCKR started out on a different path with a different purpose. Our founder Ron Wilson had an idea for a software that could revolutionize the industry he was working in, and with a background in computer sciences (and a good bit of self-confidence), he got to work developing.

After almost a year and around $250K later, Ron had connected with dozens of freelancers as the project grew. He just didn’t have the software to show for it. The outsourcing and project management had become another full-time job he didn’t have time for.

Lessons Learned

Here’s What Ron Did Next

Ron’s idea was too good to give up on. And, as though on cue, he connected with a couple project managers (and a couple mentors) who all helped him channel his efforts. Ron built a rockstar back office for his software company, and he built it using an outstaffed model of professionals overseas.

So, Where Is ANCKR Based?

ANCKR is everywhere, because that’s what we learned (the hard way) was what had to be done. To get the speed and the sticker price we could work with for our flagship software company, we did the heavy lifting and built our own office as a remote “outstaffed” team. 

ANCKR’s HQ is in South Carolina. Our engineers are in the ANCKR office in India. We have our business development in California, our international business development in Ireland, and Project Managers around the world. They work together in a seamless back office so you can kiss those “piecemeal” days goodbye.


The ANCKR family has a special culture in a lot of ways. First of all, we’re everywhere. We have eyes on the road every hour of the day. More importantly, we take care of our people, which is one of the things that glues us together (even across borders).

Take our India office, for example. We pay awesome salaries, pay for transportation and meals, and look for every opportunity to get our engineers excited about growing with us. 

Our philosophy is that we can maximize the fast-paced growth of the freelancing world with the organizational strengths of a real team with a real identity. And we can speak from experience—that identity is a powerhouse you will win big from.

That’s a win for us, a win for our team, and a win for you.


How Our Model Fits Every Agency

With the ANCKR back office located abroad, we have the capacity to give you cutting-edge, top-tier project fulfillment at flat rates that empower you to offer your clients more services than ever, while winning back more time.

What Does “ANCKR” Mean?

The “anchor leg” of a relay is the last runner, meant to close the gap

The anchor of a ship creates stability during a storm
“A-N-C-K-R” are also the initials of Ron’s wife and four sons’
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